Kevin C. Carr is a hilarious magician with a background and reputation for loosening up any crowd. Fortune 500 companies and the greatest entertainment organizations in the world trust Kevin to engage and animate their groups.

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Armed with a killer resume, Kevin C. Carr disarms corporate and family audiences around the world. His experience spans from Hollywood to Ringling Bros. Circus to the Blue Man Group allowing him to connect with any crowd for laughs and gasps of amazement. View Resume...


You know
you’re in the hands of an expert
when you’re watching him do whatever he chooses to do! Kevin C. Carr IS magic.

- Damien Gray, Universal Studios Japan


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A hilarious madman!!
He’s got funny in all of his bones, and is a skilled magician.

- Adam Gertzacov, Blogger @ Dadapalooza


Close Up

Strolling close-up magic is the perfect way to spice up any event. Give your colleagues and guests the true V.I.P. Experience as Kevin mixes & mingles about your event performing mind-boggling & eye-popping, close-up illusions.

Kevin’s performance style and high energy magic always leaves a lasting impression wherever he goes.

On Stage

Do you need or want a fully produced stage show? Magic, mentalism, physical comedy, wild stunts, music, & audience participation!!!

Or if you’re just looking to entertain and loosen up your colleagues and employees for the event, trust in Kevin’s years of experience in bringing the BIG WOW to millions throughout the globe as he elevates your event through the stratosphere with his professionalism and wildly, fun, and zany performance energy.

Trade Show

There’s nothing better at a trade show than entertainment.....rather than rent a popcorn machine or photo booth, how about hiring a professional trade show entertainer to engage and enthrall your potential clients.

Kevin uses comedy, close-up magic, mind reading, sleight-of-hand with everyday objects such as coins/cash/jewelry/etc. as well as a wide variety of other circus style skills to gather crowds and attract attention to your booth.












A dynamic fearless performer and the
audiences are glued to him
‘cause you just don’t know what he’s going to do next....A great addition to any event. Heck....He is the event!

- Obediah Thomas, Owner @ Razzle Bam Boom